ubica II

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Information for Practitioners

According to scientific and clinical reports, parents who suffer from a mental illness or who have been subjected to severe stress in childhood often find it more difficult to respond adequately to their child's emotional needs compared to parents without such stress. So when we treat patients who have children, we should also think about them or include difficulties in parenting in the treatment. At the Aachen site, a program with Early Aids Aachen and Surrounding Area is being carried out, which offers mentalization-based teamwork and supervision. In Heidelberg and Berlin, parent training courses are offered at the Department of General Psychiatry of the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Charité Psychiatric University Clinic at the St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin. They aim to improve parental ability to immerse themselves in their child and are integrated into existing care systems. In order to participate in a parent training as part of the project, your patient must be in inpatient, semi-inpatient or outpatient psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Forschungsverbuende gegen Gewalt und Missbrauch in Kindheit und Jugend