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Subproject 3/1: Aspects of social understanding in parents

Mechanisms of change of the mentalization-based parental training

Locations: Berlin, Heidelberg

This subproject accompanies subproject 2 "Parental training" with the aim of investigating the effects of the offered training. Specific behavioral tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain are used to examine various aspects of social understanding that are important for the parent-child relationship: for example, the ability of parents to understand their children's thoughts and feelings and the motives behind the child’s behavior. Mental disorders can affect the parent-child relationship. Mentalization-based parental training can help to improve the parent-child relationship. For this reason, we investigate possible changes in the parent-child relationship in both healthy persons and persons with mental disorders.  An understanding of the mechanisms of change of the mentalization-based parental training can contribute to the successful development of this form of intervention and the development of new parenting programs.

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